What is the Haggadah?

What is the Haggadah?

The Haggadah (Hebrew: הגדה‎) comes from the Torah command – And you shall tell (v’Higadeta) your children on that day… Although the minimal fulfillment of this mitzvah is a simple recounting of the going out of Egypt and explaining a few of the Pesach symbols, proper fulfillment requires much more. God commands us to retell the story to our children and we do so by celebrating Passover by having a Seder using the Haggadah as a Passover guide.

Over the centuries additions have been made to the Haggadah to enhance this mitzvah. Many of these additions gained such wide acceptance that they became part of the Haggadah. Two of those additions are the singing of Chad Gadya, and another is ‘Dayeinu.’

Original Haggadahs date back to Rav Saadia Gaon (882 CE – 942 CE), Rashi (1040 – 1105) and Maimonides (1135 – 1204). The metamorphosis of the Haggadah concluded in the late middle ages, aided by the invention of the printing press, which enabled the basic Ashkenazic version (which had been accepted even in Sephardic communities). The text is based upon the Haggadah of Rav Amram Gaon, who headed the Babylonian Yeshiva of Sura between 856-876 CE.

By the end of the sixteenth century, only twenty-five Haggadah editions had been printed. This number increased to thirty-seven during the seventeenth century, and 234 during the eighteenth century. It is not until the nineteenth century, when 1,269 separate editions were produced, that a significant shift is seen toward printed Haggadot as opposed to manuscripts. From 1900 – 1960 alone, over 1,100 Haggadot were printed. Over time, the main portions of the text of the Haggadah have remained mostly the same since their original compilation.

The Promise Haggadah

As a forever family keepsake, the Promise Haggadah serves as the perfect guide for your complete and concise family Seder. While enjoying its beautiful illustrations, children can easily read and understand Passover traditions. Passover interpretations are direct and all Hebrew is transliterated. Your family Passover Seder will forever be enhanced with the Promise Haggadah. See a sample!

Celebrating Passover with the Haggadah

On the first two nights of Passover, a Seder is conducteda festive, yet solemn meal. The Seder table is traditionally set formally with kosher wines and a Haggadah for each person. The Passover Seder is a time for the re-enactment of the Exodus from Egypt, while praying for the forthcoming of redemption.

The word Seder means, order in Hebrew. The Passover Seder consists of steps that are outlined in the Haggadah and performed at different points during the Passover Seder meal. A Passover Seder is celebrated because it is a commandment from God. Each Seder food and act described in the Haggadah, symbolizes concepts and event in the Passover story. Promise Haggadahs serves as a complete guide.

The Personalized Haggadah Offers…

•  A forever Haggadah keepsake for your family

•  Complete and concise Seder with no extra interpretations

•  Beautiful Passover illustrations a beautiful Haggadah

•  A complete seder service in under one hour

•  English, Hebrew and complete transliterations

•  A new Passover tradition for your family

•  Children easily read and understand the Haggadah prayers and traditions

•  Passover interpretations that are direct and clear

•  Perfect sized Haggadah for a crowded Passover table (7″ x 8.5″, 24 pages)

•  Secure online credit card purchases

•  No minimum orders – $11.50 each book!

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The Seder Experience From Generation to Generation

At the Seder, each person considers himself or herself as if he or she physically experienced the Exodus from Egypt… together with ancestors as they descend into exile, suffer cruel oppression and persecution. With ancestors, Seder participants symbolically witness the Ten Plagues and cross the Red Sea. The Exodus story is retold to each generation and children are encouraged to ask questions. The Passover Seder is a meaningful and truly spiritual experience. Passover Haggadahs serves as a complete guide through the Seder.

Seder Essentials – The Seder Table & Foods

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Personalized Haggadah example Personalized Haggadah example

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